Agrolink Flanders

Agrolink Flanders is a collaboration platform of 19 knowledge institutions and research stations in Flanders (Belgium) active in primary production. The research capabilities within Agrolink Flanders support the innovative development of animal and plant production. Agrolink Flanders' partners advance product concepts and identify new opportunities in agriculture industry.

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Launched on Dec 8th 2014 Agrolink Flanders is a collaboration platform of the Faculties of Bioscience Engineering of UGent, the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering of KU Leuven, ILVO, HOGENT, KBIVB, EPC, the Praktijkpunt landbouw Vlaams-Brabant, the Hooibeekhoeve, the Research Centre Hoogstraten, Inagro, PSKW, PCG, PCA, PCS, PCFruit, VCBT and INBO. Agrolink was initiated as a result of numerous, succesfull collaborations between the 19 members.

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All experts of all 16 Agrolink Flanders members are listed in the website AGROEXPERTS.

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