Agrolink Flanders can offer different services that can be divided in four keyclusters.

4 clusters of added value

As a result of the creation of Agrolink Flanders, there is a closer and a more trusted collaboration between experts from different institutions. This contact between the parties involved not only speeds up the interaction and communication, but also encourages thinking across disciplines.

The innovative power of Agrolink Flanders is that the knowledge institutions’ academic knowledge is completely interwoven with field experience. The experiment is the basis of every innovation. Agrolink Flanders has a large team of theorists, but also consists of a lot of people who are literally standing with their boots in the mud. This is unique.

A logical consequence of Agrolink Flanders is that the partnership has very extensive resources available that are needed for specific tests for both the government and industry. Services include trait and variety selection, efficay/regulatory/demonstration trials, contract research for multinationals and SME's, and advice to farmers. Agrolink Flanders also has numerous quality labels and accreditations.

Agriculture is about a primary human need: food. Today, this question is affiliated with sustainability issues and with a global vision on food. Agrolink’s actions are spread all over the world. Agrolink Flanders' partners are active in numerous projects in the developing and emerging economies and international training programs.